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There was a excellent report on a "Workshop on Forming and Design of
Bone Folders" given by Tim Ely, that appeared in the Guild of Book
Workers Newsletter, 11/98. It reveals the attention that should be
focused on the underlying tools and craft methods of book work. Tim will
be repeating this workshop later in the year.

Another terrific series of craft skill workshops is offered by Jim
Croft. These occur at his homestead near Santa Idaho. He and Melody are
the "great friends in the woods" for the field of the book crafts and
one of their workshops is a wonderful....complete experience. Here are
three workshop opportunities.

May 8-11, 1998

"Old Ways of Hand Papermaking" with Neal Bonham and Suzanne Ferris
using hemp, flax or cotton pulps with comparisons and contrasts of the
beater meeting the water powered stamp mill plus special emphasis on
various methods of drying including restraint, loft and stack drying
plus internal and gelatin tub sizing and wet gelatin pressing and hand

May 13-15, 1998

"Old Ways of Hemp and Flax Processing for Thread and Papermaking" with
Jim Croft
using local, imported, sorted, sordid and recycled hemp and flax some
taken from seed to thread and from rag to fiber or atleast stalk to
thread including linen firehose processing. you may participate in lye
making from ash, wood fired lye cooking, retting, braking, scutching,
hackling, spinning, plying, natural bleaching and hand cutting fiber.

May 17-19, 1998

"Old Ways of Hands making Hand Tools most especially for Bookbinding"
with Jim Croft using wood, bone, bamboo and steel plus sharpening and
maintenance of same,
(to be repeated at PBI, June 10-14, 1998)

May 21-24, 1998

"Old Ways of making Wooden Book Boards with Clasps" with Jim Croft
including how to harvest and cure local woods and quarter splitting from
the block and sawing, hewing and shaping by hand plus learning to form
the formerly commonplace but now often neglected or even negated need
for clasps.

All workshops taking place in rural North Idaho amonst rustic dwellings,
slightly different than how we grew up - comfortable camping at the same
site as the "Technology of the Medieval Book" workshop.

Paper - May 8-11, 1998, 4 days, $280
Fiber - May 13-15, 1998, 3 days, $175
Tools - May 17-19, 1998, 3 days, $175 (and at PBI, June 10-14, 1998)
Boards and Clasps - May 21-24, 1998, 4 days, $240

Meals lovingly served in our outdoor kitchen in the garden by Melody
Eckroth Croft and descendants - she's practiced at meeting dietary

Please contact: Jim Croft
Traditional Hand
P.O. Box 211
Santa, ID, 83866

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