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Re: Artists book

>The definition of what a book is is simple:
>A book consists of a number of peice of paper sewn together, and bound
>with a cover.
>That, my friends is a book.  A scroll is not a book.  It is a scroll.  Nor
>are commas floating down a river.  A number of things have been called
>books, which aren't books.  It's like calling a fish a pen - they have no
>similarities beyond common shape.  A chiseled stone is not a book, not
>until you bind a number of them together in the form of pages.  Sorry,
>that's the facts.  TTYL!
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>Paul Anderson - Self-employed Megalomaniac
>"With all due respect, you, sir, have the intellect of a pickle."
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Paul you might want to expand your definition to include **all**  methods
of page attachment including Spiral, Wire-O, Post, Perfect, and Double Fan
Adhesive Binding to name just a few that do not involve sewing.


A fool commanding an army is still a fool.



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