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Re: Making money as a vanity press?

Todd Wallace wrote:

> How likely is it that I could make some money as a vanity press,
> taking
> people's manuscripts in electronic format, going to a layout program,
> to the
> printed page, to a hand-bound book? I'm not looking to make a living
> doing
> this, just having fun and making some spending money.
> Thanks for any help, pointers, or laments of sad experience.
> Todd Wallace

Well, I'm doing that right now, and not making any money.  But that's
because I'm doing it as a publisher.  If you want to make money with it,
have the writers pay you for the layout, design, production aspect.
Once you do it because you want to publish a promising author you'll
have stacks of unsold books sitting around your office.

Good Luck!

Jennifer Woods

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