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Bound Book

perfect example of an artist's book which contradicts the definition you
give in every sense is the work entitled "Bound Book" and please forgive
me I do not know the artist.<

I've seen about a half dozen of these over the years, but I believe the
first is by Barton Lidice Benes, who did several of them around 1973. The
Center for Book Arts owns one that is yellow, and I included it in the
exhibit "Book Arts in the USA" in 1990. CBA first exhibited one of them in
the one man show of Benes' works at the Center in 1975, along with several
of his other sculptural bookworks (travel book on wheels, etc.) and his
"Book of The Dead" wich was made with the ashes of Hans Schneider. A similar
book of his, "When I Lived in Salem", was in the Center for Book Arts
exhibit at the Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven in 1976, and was the
poster for the exhibit. The book was "bound" in rope, gessoed and painted,
and also included a pair of painted eyeglasses with razor blades on the
inside of the lenses, which also were painted.

Photos of two of the "bound books", are reproduced in the January-February
issue of "Arts & Metiers du Livre," in a pull-out special section that is a
Guide to New York.


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