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Re: Making money as a vanity press?

I belong to a mailing list of amateur writers, and I've offered to bind
people's work virtually for free, just asking them to pay postage for
getting the book to them when bound. Unfortunately, they're mostly in the US
and I'm in the UK, so that can be a significant expense, but I still haven't
had any takers. I wonder if it's not so much the money (a lot of the list
members are students) as the thought of spending time getting a piece of
work in a fit state to print. A few typos are neither here nor there when
you email something out. Getting it back, bound for all eternity, with those
glaring errors, would be a little depressing.

So... I don't make money. I just bind stuff for close friends as birthday
presents or whatever. It feeds my binding habit.

But good luck. If it takes off, let us know.



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