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Re: Book Objects


> Personally, I like my books well-used, the pages thumb-worn, and the co=
> dog- eared.  I like my books appealing, compelling, and well-handled.  =
> a reason books get worn out--people like =91em!  They are my kind of bo=

I interviewed Robert Fulghum a while ago and he said much the same
thing. He said he still has his first copy of Walden: he keeps it on his
desk where he can see it, though this copy is now retired from camping
trips: too fragile and special to him to risk further accident.

The pages, he said, are underlined and written on. And he's pressed
keepsakes that have meaning to him between the pages: feathers and
leaves and other things found on his trips. Dirt stains and even a bit
of grease: some of these makes are circled and dated and marked by the
date of the contribution.

In a very general way, I guess I'm not an advocate of people banging
their books around. It goes against too much that is essentially me.
However, there was something in the way he spoke of his Walden that was
so special: the book has become a touchstone in his life and was shared
with special friends in special places. That sort of volume transcends
even the "book" label and becomes almost a friend.

-- =

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