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Re: Book Objects

Thanks for a great response, Ed.  I'm new to this list and enjoying it.

Oh, how I wish I could attend your "boot camp" which Robert S. previewed
for me at a book signing months ago.  Got your brochure and it looks like a
winner.  School will still be in session at that time.

Linda Wilson

At 12:14 PM 3/8/98 EST, you wrote:
>Just to give another point of view, for me the ultimate "book object" is a
>book so finely bound and so impeccably printed that it is too intimidating to
>be picked up and read.  I also include as book objects those books where the
>quality of the binding is way out of proportion to the quality of the
>and the quality of the text.
>The most disturbing book I've ever seen was a copy of "Billy Budd" with an
>intricately crafted brass cover.  The collector who owned the copy proudly
>told me that the book could never be touched by the human hand because the
>oils from the skin would permanently damage the finish.  White gloves,
>I'm not saying that this binding is bad or wrong.  For me, it is just sad.
>Imagine a book that can never be touched by human hands!  What word do you
>to describe impeding the essential nature of a book: the ability to share
>information?   If we were talking about humans, the term would be
>I've had wonderful opportunities to see, and in many cases handle, priceless,
>exquisite books.  I've marveled at their beauty.  Still, there is something
>unsettling about these books that are, to my mind, too well-crafted for their
>own good.   Is a book still a book if no one reads it?  Of course, it is.
>But I don't think it hurts to ask the question.
>Personally, I like my books well-used, the pages thumb-worn, and the covers
>dog- eared.  I like my books appealing, compelling, and well-handled.
>a reason books get worn out--people like ?em!  They are my kind of books.
>Ed (Hutchins)


Linda M. Wilson
Greenwich Academy, 200 N. Maple, Greenwich, CT 06830
FAX 203.625.8991

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