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Re: Artists book

Paul Anderson wrote:

>The definition of what a book is is simple:
>A book consists of a number of peice of paper sewn together, and bound
>with a cover.
>That, my friends is a book.  A scroll is not a book.  It is a scroll.

I think you'll find that you've described a codex, which is the form of the
book that the western world has used since around the time of the calendar
change. We can thank those Christian marketers of the early centuries of
the Common Era, for repackaging the "books" that contained their religious
writings. Our word for book refers to the amount of text that could easily
fit on a scroll. A scroll *is* a book. That's why biblical chapters are
called books. There were even earlier forms of the "book;" but who cares,
that's so long ago that when people make those kinds of books today, they
are called artist's books. ;-)


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