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Re: Artists book

Actually, if we are going to get specific, the word "codex" in Latin is a
later form of "caudex", that is, the interior bark of trees, particularly
the beech (remember that tree), which was one of the materials used for
writing in Rome and elsewhere.  The physical form of the codex is derived
from the diptych, two wooden boards, one of which was coated with resin, on
which personal notes were usually kept (especially in the merchant classes).

The word "book" is of Germanic origin, and is kin to modern German "buch",
meaning book, but, lo and behold, also "beech tree", therefore belying its
use in the codex form.  As to the meaning of "book" as in "book of the
Bible", this is simply the translation of the Latin "liber" (as in "liber
Exodi", translated at a time when the codex, not the scroll, was of
normative use in Europe.


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