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Re: Bomb #2

Back to Duchamp. Are his stool, bicycle fork and wheel, still just that, or
are they now a piece of sculpture. If they still exhibit the appropriate
bookness, as in the case of Tom Philips' Humament or Dante's Inferno, yes
they are still books. If they become wall objects or sculptures, they're
BSOs. NOTE: this is not a qualitative statement, merely a fact (IMHO). ;>


At 10:32 PM 3/8/98 EST, you wrote:
>Well, now that the list is getting quiet again:
>What about artists' books which are altered books - individual pieces and /or
>sculptural forms made from books?  They started out as books, are they still?
>(running for cover, where I can watch)
>Melissa Jay Craig, Chicago

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