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Re: Artists book

Paul Anderson writes:

>   Same difference.  If you start to blur the definition of
> everything, you completely destroy the language.  Language is about
> specifics, not vagueness.

Ah, would that it were so!  Language is a consensus concerning useful
ranges of unavoidable fuzzynesses, not sharp distinctions.  Symbols, not
signs.  Words have denotations (usually pretty specific) but also,
inevitably and quirkily and variously, they have connotations.  Try doing
some translations, and you'll find out pretty damn quick.  Think "fuzzy
set" - what we all agree about is in the middle of the set, but out toward
the edges your definition of "red" and my definition of "red" are probably
not the same, even if neither of us is color-blind.  Even within a small
group of people there are disagreements and agreements about the specific
meanings of language - the larger the group, the fuzzier the area of

Judith Kerman

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