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Re: Artists book

Natty Bumpo aka SJ aka jubal33 aka Seth Jerchower writes:

I was just going over MIT's e-book site, looking over the Hypnerotomachia
Polyphili (Aldus, Venice 1499).  I also have in front of me the original.
Only one thing has so far convinced me, and that is that the e-medium is
still in its nascency, and we have much to discuss and debate and experiment
with in our own e-sites.

I 've no gripes with the extension of the word "book" to this medium per se,
in as much as it refers to both the concrete (as in codex) and abstract (as
in, ahimè, any litterary attempt and/or collection; e.g. anthologies,
how-to's and cookbooks).  I suggest reading McLuhan's "The Gutenburg Galaxy"
to see just how volatile the debate of amanuense vs.  press was during
printing's first century.  I wonder who the Electronic Manutius will be, but
the GUI technology we are using has been familiar to most of us for but a
few years, and we've still to explore other languages (XML, DHTML),
character formats, and technologies in both soft- and hardwares still to be
dreamt of, hopefully by a Polyphilus of 1999.

In the meantime, visit my meager attempts at:



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