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Re: book or sculpture

OK, my 2cents worth....If it doesn't have movement (i.e. open), it is not
really a "book".  If it doesn't unroll, it is not a scroll.  Etc.  A single
sheet or clay tablet, a stack of papers, etc.= not a book either.  Opening
may be in a variety of ways but it seems to me to be implicit in the word
"book".  An artist, crafter, printer, whoever makes it, it should have the
qualities of a book to be called a book.  All sorts of freedoms can be taken
from the original concept of book but it begins to adulterate the meaning.

This example, for me, would be a book look-alike.  It can't function as a
book therefore, not a book.  It sounds very interesting though and I would
probably call it an artistic creation looking like a book.

C. Stall

At 05:22 PM 03/09/1998 -0800, you wrote:
>This discuss brings to mind an art piece done by Mary Scott from Calgary,
>Alberta Canada that always intrigued me.
>She wrote a narration on several pages using a syringe filled with paint.
>With this method she created a stack of sheets measuring about 4 inches by
>5 inchs and about 1 1/2 inches thick.  The stack was bound by jute, package
>style with a bow on top so that the contents could not be read, only the
>top sheet.
>In light of this interesting discussion and various views, would this piece
>be called a artists book or a sculpture piece?
>Your imput please...?
>Colette Vosberg

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