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Re: Definition of the Artists B

>Maybe this is just an old-fashioned view since it treats art as an
>evolutionary process, a continuum, and discourages thinking of it as
>completely disconnected from and not indebted at all to the widely accepted
>standards which have gone before. Maybe we <are> living in a
>post-art-history era.

It seems to me we're right smack in the middle of that evolutionary process
here.  I've been thinking of how some of the comments recall the furor that
surrounded the Impressionists and how they were reviled by the Academic
painters of the day.  They too were accused of being completely lacking in
craft/ talent, of having no respect for the "laws" of painting, not to mention
their selection of everyday subject matter over the formal / allegorical, and
their ridiculous practice of painting in the open air as opposed to the
controlled environment of the studio.  These things were just not done...and
they weren't painting.

Yep, it's a fascinating discussion.

Melissa Jay Craig,

("Ya call that a painting / book?  My five year old could've done that!")

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