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Re: Artists book

I have been reading most of these postings on the definition of an artist=
=0Abook. No real definitions come to mind. The cop out would be to say th=
at if=0Ayou define something then that something becomes stagnant and die=
s. We still=0Aseem to be trying to define human. If we can't do that, the=
n artist books are=0Aa long way off. I keep thinking of the way painting =
has evolved. In the=0Abeginning they painted on walls. Sometimes to recor=
d events in their lives.=0A(Not that they had a word for painting)(or so =
I assume).  It always was about=0Atrying to depict reality. Til recently.=
 Then the impressionists, dadaists, pop=0Aartist, abstract artists, etc b=
egan to interject their ideas of what painting=0Awas. Well, we all know h=
ow that first went over.
Anyway, it seems to me we are in a new phase. Artists are trying to redef=
ine=0Athe notion of a book, much like the painters redefined the idea of =
what a=0Apainting was.  If you took a person of the strict realist painti=
ng times sthey=0Amight not even think of the cave paintings as paintings.=
 As "real" paintings.
There also seems to be a couple of lines of arguments. One seems to have =
to do=0Awith structure while the other has to do with function. These are=
 two=0Acompletely different ideas. Structure has to do with the physical =
object.=0APeople who seem to be stuck on structure are discounting the pu=
rpose of the=0Abook. What does the book do? In simplest terms it relays i=
nformation. What was=0Ait created for? To relay information. A book witho=
ut information is just=0Apotential incarnate. Hmmmmm interesting.....
So would a computer turned off or not used be the same thing? Or us for t=
Well, since no one has actually taken the time to look up definition of a=
 book=0Ahere it is:
Book (book) n. 1. a printed work on sheets of paper bound together, usual=
ly=0Abetween hard covers.  2. a main division of literary work. 3 a recor=
d or=0Aaccount 4. a libretto 5. a booklike package , as of matches 6. a r=
ecord of=0Abets , as on horse races 7. Bridge etc., a specified number of=
 tricks that=0Amust be won before scoring can take place  -vt 1. to recor=
d a book; list 2. to=0Aengage (rooms,etc.) ahead of time. 3. to record ch=
arges againston a police=0Arecord.  -adj. in, from or according to books =
or accounts -bring to book 1. to=0Aforce to explain 2. to repremand  -by =
the book according to the rules  -keep=0Abooks  to keep a record of busin=
ess transactions
By the way a simple definition
Artist (=E4r test=B4) n. 1. one that is skilled in any of the fine arts, =
esp.=0Apainting, sculpture etc. 2. one who does anything very well. 3. a =
professional=0Ain any of the performing arts
So if a person who was exceptionally proficient at making dinner reservat=
ions=0Amade an reservation at a fancy restaurant would it be an artist bo=
Oh! that's a bad one.

O.k. where was I?
What is an artist book? A book made by an artist.
too simple
I believe a book has to do the conveying of information. I think of it in=
=0Aterms of what function it serves not what form it takes. If a picture =
conveys=0Aa thousand words, then pictures are more informative than some =
artist books.
I think the problem is not trying to define what an artist book is or wha=
t a=0Abook is but that the artists have created things that have outgrown=
 the idea=0Aof what a book is. What we need is a new word. For example, z=
ine. Zines have=0Apoped up everywhere and with the access to cheap copies=
 have become a common=0Astaple in some readers lives. The term Zine was i=
nvented because the books=0Athat were being produced seems to be like mag=
azines but lacked the=0Aprofessionlism. However, many zines today are ver=
y sophisticated and well=0Aprinted. Most book artists have tracended the =
old ideas of what a book is. So=0Awhat to call this new art form?
How about Koob? It resembles a book (same letters but reverse order). It=
=0Arefers back to the book. (where we grew from) And It isn't a word we c=
urrently=0Ause. (new term for a "new" medium)
So, I guess I'll have have to change all my business cards to Koob artist=
I if prattle and you listen is it still prattle?


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