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Re: Florence Books

Peter Sramek wrote:

> I will be teaching art students in a Florence program from the Ontario
> College of Art next fall and am going for 1 week soon to check things
> out. Does anyone have any suggestions about Book things to see,
> suppliers, etc.? =
> -- =
> Peter Sramek
> Book=B0Sequence Gallery
> http://www.interlog.com/~sramek
> -

  Dear Peter,

Obvious, maybe, but the Laurentian Library is a must.  The art suppy store
called Zecchi's at Via Dello Studio 19R near the Duomo is great.  I made a
sketch book when I was in Florence a few years ago.  I bought my supplies
at Zecchi's but when I returned to my room I found I had forgotten paper
for the endpapers.  I used the Zecchi's bag.  Have fun.  I'm jealous.

  Kim Itkonen

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