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Re: The Art of the Book???

Tried my web search trick again (refining the search with the word
"author") and got a page for a dealer who is selling a copy of

278 ELKIN MATHEWS. Cat. 152 I, II, III (of IV)/n.d. (196?): The Art of
the Book. 1373 nos. Indexes. Illus. 3 vols.

at http://www.nvva.nl/knuf/cat195.htm

Of course only people on this list can give you an *opinion* on the

"Does anyone know anything (pro or con) about a book named
"_The Art of the Book_?

Best regards, Martyn Ould, The Old School Press
               e-mail press@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
           web page at http://www.praxis.co.uk/ppuk/osp.htm

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