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Re: color photocopy transfer


> simple ways  to add image and text to paper. We have had great success
> with black and white transfer, but color...? Has anyone tried using the
> iron on type transfer papers you run through the lazer or photocopier?

  I just came back from NM where I saw some children's work in a show,
quilts of various types. One was done using the iron-on transfers and it
looked great. Good color, clear detail on fabric. Seems to me that
smooth paper would work just as well.

  Regarding transferring color copies, a recent posting (sorry, I don't
have the reference here at the moment) gave a good explanation using
citrasolv (same applies to wintergreen oil). The thing with color is that
the layers of toner come off one at a time, so it takes longer than
black and white and might require additional solvent.
  If, after 6 or more passes through the press, I lift a corner and see
that the image is not all transferred (the darks may be spotty), I rub the
back of the paper with the saturated paper towel again, not adding any
additional oil from the bottle. This prevents the serious bleeding that
can happen if too much oil is applied, particularly at this stage, when
the print paper has already absorbed a lot of the solvent. (You probably
will see a blurry version of the image through the back of the print
paper too, which can be nice.)
   Also, I use a sheet of mylar on top of the xerox before a few sheets of
newsprint, then the blankets. The mylar keeps the oil pressing downward
into the print paper rather than seeping up into the blankets.
   After all this I still hand burnish to get the finest details.

   Still haven't tried the BioT Max I wrote about earlier (have been
majorly involved with another project...), but I was told that it works
very well, better than these oils. The catch is you have to buy a 5-gallon
drum at a time, $133.

Good luck,


          Janet Maher, Assistant Professor, Department of Fine Arts
          Loyola College in Maryland, 4501 North Charles Street
          Baltimore, Maryland  21210-2699        (410-617-5545)

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             "Rise up nimbly and go on your strange journey
              to the ocean of meanings."             --Rumi

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