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Re: Definition of the Artists B

Sam posed the question

OK, Richard. What acts does an artist "commit" that designate him/her as an

While I'm not Richard, I'd like to jump into this.  IMHO, art, like
beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.  The definition of art as
something that elicits emotion is too vague, because many thing elicit
emotion that are clearly not art - murder, for one. I think that art is
something that two people, the maker and the viewer, agree on. Just as
one person's truth isn't necessarily the other person's truth, so, too
with art. I would happily hang Titian's "Uomo con Occhie de Grigio-verde"
in my house, or display the bronze Poseidon in the Athens museum, I would
not hang/display the much discussed urinal.  It is not, in my view, art.

I can't resist quoting Ashleigh Brilliant:  "Not all of our artists are
playing a joke on the public.  Some of them are genuinely mad."

Sally Jackson

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