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wood type

From:    WIRCS2::HONN         "Tracy Honn"
To:      IN%"LETPRESS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",HONN
Subject: wood type specimen books

At the Silver Buckle Press we are doing research in preparation for printing a
specimen book of our wood type. There are three books we are looking for and
wonder if anyone of you can help. The first two books are both listed by Rob Roy
Kelly as being at Columbia, however we haven't been able to confirm this by
World Cat or speaking with a member of the reference staff in special
collections there. The books are: the 1906 Hamilton Wood Type Company and the
1853 Bill Stark & Co., Willimantic, CT. specimen books. If you have looked at
either of these at Columbia do you know the exact cataloguing information for
the volumes? If you have seen these in other collections, public or private,
please send me the reference. We hope to borrow these books through interlibrary
loan, or have some pages copied for us. (We have just located a copy of the
Hamilton book at Harvard, but are still interested in info. on this volume.)

The other book question I have is does anyone know about a book called "Before
Rosebud was a Sled" by Clifford Harvey?

Thanks for your attention. Soon we'll mount some samples of what we're working
on at our web site--I'll send out an announcement when they're up. (Our site
address: http://www.library.wisc.edu/libraries/SBP/               .)
Tracy Honn, printer/curator
Silver Buckle Press
236 Memorial Library
728 State Street
Madison, WI 53706
(608) 263-4929

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