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Re: Definition of the Artists Book (YES, again)

        I have just returned home after attending the IAPMA Congress in Adelaide
(Australia). It has taken me about three days to read the nearly 400 Emails
that were waiting when I returned, there were very few I wanted to delete
without reading. I've enjoyed the discussion about artists books and
thought I'd add my tuppence worth to the debate.
        Associated with the congress were many paper-related exhibitions including
two of artist books and one where the brief specifically said that artists
books were not to be part of the exhibition. Another part of the brief was
that the packaging of the works needed to be an integral part of the work
and be displayed with it. I had a piece in the latter show so I know all of
the conditions and I don't know what they were for the book shows. Bearing
that in mind, there were many works in the non-book show that were more
like books than some in the book shows. It was almost a case of what is not
a book?
Gail  Stiffe

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