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Re: ISBN and tip ins

Steve asked:

>Any thoughts on a dry adhesive, ie double stick tape to use for tipping
>in 3 prints/book for addition of 300?

>And how do I go about getting a Lib of Congress number

Do you have to use a dry adhesive for the tip ins?  I'm just trying to get a
feel for what it is you need to do.

As for the L.C. number it really depends upon what you wish to do.  Do you want
to know if the book you have is already assigned an L.C. number or do you wish
to obtain one?

L.C. numbers are used by libraries as a means of catologing their materials,
and dictates where they get shelved in the library etc.  The Library of
Congress system is like the Dewey Decimal system, but of course uses L.C.
numbers instead.  You don't "need" one unless of course the book is in a
library, and then it would be up to the catologer to assign it one.  I have
never been a catologer myself, I don't know if anyone on the list has been/or
is a catologer now.  Unless you plan on starting up your own library you really
don't need and L.C. number.

Jennifer G.

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