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Re: Book or sculpture?

On Mon, 9 Mar 1998, BerwynH indited:

+You can buy Keith Smith's books in loose folios. So I guess that would
+they are not books since they have not been bound and only the act of
+creates the book....

Aha!  But if they aren't a book until they're bound, what are you
buying?  Surely not a book, since it doesn't exist yet, at least not
in the strictest sense.  Perhaps a concrete form of a John Cage
composition then, not a book, but a recipe for book, including the
ingredients!  But, say I bind my book so that the folios are not
arranged in page number order, but in some other order.  Perhaps I'll
take a micrometer and measure them all and bind them by thickness, or
similarly by weight, or color.  A book that is and is not the one I
was sold?


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