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Book Plates

I will be designing and printing letterpress book plates for the
Nebraska Governor's Mansion Library in the next month or so and
have been contemplating different adhesives and papers to use.

I remember reading about applying a strip of wheat paste, allowing
it to dry, and then misting it when ready to "tip in." I like the
idea of tipping the plate in rather than pasting the entire plate,
but I am concerned that the wheat paste method will cause
the paper to wrinkle. I am not sure who will be actually inserting
the plates and whether they will have access to a book press that
would take care of the wrinkling. The plates will be used over time
as books are donated to the library.

I am interested in the method that will best satisfy three criteria:
the archival qualities of the book and plate, the ease of use,
and the aesthetics of the pasted plate.

Any suggestions would be appreicated.
Denise Brady, Coordinator
Nebraska Book Arts Center and
Dept. of Art Slide Library Coordinator
FA Room 210A
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Omaha NE 68182

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