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Re: Sewn Pamphlets

Well, if I was making a recipe book, I  think I would take a long strip of
paper and fold the bottom edge up so you have a flap.  Then I'd fold the strip
into a concertina book and each page would now have a pocket.  Maybe one
pocket would be for dessert recipe cards, one for entree recipe cards, one for
salad recipe cards, etc.

BUT, if you were stuck on sewing, then RUN (don't walk) out and buy Keith
Smith's 1- 2- & 3- Section Sewings (Non-Adhesive Binding Vol II) ISBN
0-9637682-2-0.  He has 14 different sewing patterns for single section books.
They are all easy to learn, fun to do and really dress up a pamphlet.  My two
favorites are the Alternating Hitch and Sewn Chains.

When you have mastered the single section sewings, you are only on page 48 and
still have 270 pages of 2 and 3-section sewings to explore.  It's a  wonderful

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