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Re: The Art of the Book???

Susan Strahl wrote:

>I don't know if it's the same book, but I have two books entitled "The
>Art of the Book".  They are both exhibition catalogs of works by the
>Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild.  The first, published in
>1988, celebrates their 5th Anniversary.  The second, actually entitled
>"The Art of the Book '93", celebrates their 10th anniversary...
>...  Both are inspiring.

First, thank you, on behalf of the Guild, for the compliment.

Second, you might be happy to learn that a third catalogue, celebrating our
15th anniversary, entitled (wait for it) "The Art of the Book '98" is
currently at the printer (I am expecting first proofs next week). I have
also been working on putting the entire exhibition online and will announce
to the list when it is ready for viewing.

Third, the exhibition itself will open June 11 at the Canada Trust Gallery
in the Toronto Reference Library and will later travel across Canada for
two years.


Richard Miller <rmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild website:

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