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Re: ISBN and tip ins

I don't think Steve was inquiring about L.C. classification numbers. He
was refering to the unique number assigned by the Library of Congress to
books copyrighted in the U.S. Actually I'm rather fuzzy on just  how
books acquire that number, 'though it seems logical that a publisher
would send a draft to the Lib. of Congress before releasing the title,
and it would then be given the number, and I assume copyright is involved
     Anyway, the format is two digits representing the year of
publication (uh, oh! Another Year 2000 problem in the offing!), a hyphen,
and then a number in chronological order.

Lavinia Adler  (A librarian who's embarressed that she doesn't know all
there is to                            know about L.C. numbers. ISBNs are
so much more important                           nowsdays.)

>L.C. numbers are used by libraries as a means of catologing their
>and dictates where they get shelved in the library etc.  The Library
>Congress system is like the Dewey Decimal system, but of course uses
>numbers instead.

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