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Re: Venice

Peter Sramek wrote:

> Thanks for the suggestions for Florence. I hope to get to Venice as well
> and so I can second Jennifer's request.
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> Peter Sramek
> Book=B0Sequence Gallery
> http://www.interlog.com/~sramek
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Takes a while to loosen the trap doors of memory.  Totally unrelated to
books but fascinating if you're interested in the history of science and
strange collections --- the  museum called La Specola near the Pitti Palace
is, well, wierd.  It's a  motley collection of taxidermy and an astonishing
collection of full size anatomical wax models of the human in various states
of undoing.

Also in  the Museum of San Marco see the huge choir book and it's monumental
stand behind the altar.

When in Venice - buy Tarot cards , walk and walk and walk, and take the boat
to the cemetary or to Torcello - peaceful open fields and Sta. Fosca - (12th

Kim Itkonen

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