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Re: Venice

Kim Itkonen wrote:
> =

> =

> Takes a while to loosen the trap doors of memory.  Totally unrelated to=

> books but fascinating if you're interested in the history of science an=
> strange collections --- the  museum called La Specola near the Pitti Pa=
> is, well, wierd.  It's a  motley collection of taxidermy and an astonis=
> collection of full size anatomical wax models of the human in various s=
> of undoing.
> =

> Also in  the Museum of San Marco see the huge choir book and it's monum=
> stand behind the altar.
> =

> When in Venice - buy Tarot cards , walk and walk and walk, and take the=
> to the cemetary or to Torcello - peaceful open fields and Sta. Fosca - =
> century).
> =

> Kim Itkonen

I have heard of La Specola and it is of interest to me for photography
and for my students for drawing. I look forward to seeing it - it does
sound very wierd.
-- =

Peter Sramek
Book=B0Sequence Gallery

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