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Re: tip-in adhesive

I was feeling like I'm "talking" too much on this list recently, but I
have some experience with Rollataq.

I've used it fairly extensively.  The hand roller (about $20) puts on a
very thin layer, so there's little curling and no rippling caused by
excess water.  It's GREAT for laminating two sheets of paper together,
putting labels on books, etc.  I haven't tried it for laminating
paper to cloth (they told me it wasn't intended for that, and I haven't
needed to test it myself yet), but it might work.

However, it's not terribly sticky, so I don't know if the "grab" would be
enough for tipping-in. (It's sticky, but not like, say, PVA).  The little
bit of tipping in I've tried, I applied a VERY VERY narrow and thin bead
of PVA to the very very edge of the sheet.  It grabs fast, so if you goof,
you've spoiled a book.

I think Rollataq is worth a try, since it truly is repositionable
(although there is some curling if you separate 2 laminated sheets,
because the paper will always stretch some).  You'd need to get the edge
really well-seated where you want it to be glued, and then put a good
weight on the whole thing (a proof press, or even my old favorite the
25-pound bag of lead shot) for at least 15 minutes. More might be better.
Once it bonds, the bond is very strong - the paper will come apart before
the glue lets go, if you do it right.  Sometimes the hand-roller doesn't
seem to me to put down enough glue in one pass, but you can put several
layers on before it's too heavy.  And in every other respect except being
repositionable, it seems a lot like PVA - white, creamy, water-soluble and
as cheap as tacky glue, if not cheaper (about $6 for an 8-oz refill
bottle).  You can certainly do the tipping-in job with a very thin brush,
which is probably better than the roller for this sort of application.

I'd try it.  I think it's a great product.  Certainly not reversiable,
but acid-free (their tech person told me so, and also Light Impressions
carries it).

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