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Re: gaylord's catalog

Gaylord's number is 1-800-448-6160. When you call them make sure you
specify which catalog you want. They have 2, their general one and the
archival one. They have a website <http://www.gaylord.com> which isn't
worth stopping in on, yet.

They're address is:

Gaylord Bros.
PO box 4901
Syracuse, NY 13221-4901


At 09:22 PM 3/11/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Help y'all:
>I've lost my Gaylord's catalog. It simply walked out of my studio. Can
>anyone give me their address and phone number? Also, are they online?
>Thanks in advance.

Der Buchbinder als Architekt des Buches baut eine
Fassade seiner Zeit. Edwin Redslob

Peter D. Verheyen

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