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Re: Book Plates

At 12:01 AM 3/11/98 CDT, D. Brady wrote:

>I remember reading about applying a strip of wheat paste, allowing
>it to dry, and then misting it when ready to "tip in." I like the
>idea of tipping the plate in rather than pasting the entire plate,
>but I am concerned that the wheat paste method will cause
>the paper to wrinkle.

My own bookplates are tipped in with bindery paste. In order to reduce the
potential of wrinking, I utilized paper which had a grain direction parallel
with the length of the stripe of paste. As crudely depicted below:

        |P|              |      The grain direction would then match the
        |A|              |      grain direction of most of the book pages
        |S|              |      to which it might be attached.
        |T|              |
        |E|              |      Using a non-warping paste is a plus.
        | |              |
        |H|              |
        |E|              |
        |R|              |

John G. Henry - Cedar Creek Press

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