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Re: Book Plates

At 12:01 AM 3/11/98 CDT, you wrote:
>I will be designing and printing letterpress book plates for the
>Nebraska Governor's Mansion Library in the next month or so and
>have been contemplating different adhesives and papers to use.
>I remember reading about applying a strip of wheat paste, allowing
>it to dry, and then misting it when ready to "tip in." I like the
>idea of tipping the plate in rather than pasting the entire plate,
>but I am concerned that the wheat paste method will cause
>the paper to wrinkle. I am not sure who will be actually inserting
>the plates and whether they will have access to a book press that
>would take care of the wrinkling. The plates will be used over time
>as books are donated to the library.

Why make them pre-adhesive?  Having worked with plates that were pre-glued
but were stored for a long time, I can tell you that they often stick
together and are damaged when inexperienced hands try to pry them apart.
Better by far to give them a bottle of neutral adhesive and a paint brush
to go along with the plates. -- Susan

Susan Ravdin
Special Collections
Bowdoin College Library
3000 College Station
Brunswick, Maine 04011-8421
tel: 207-725-3288
fax: 207-725-3083

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