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Re: Craftsman Defined

I have been on a course of self-study the last year or so, learning the art
of crafting books. I've crafted pamphlets, concertina books and books with
complex Japanese stab bindings, to name a few; all from illustrated
instructions I've found in other books written by book artisans. I've used
different coverings and changed some of the materials from what was
suggested in my "manuals" and even the dimensions. Most of these have been
of the journal type or only embellished with a small bit of artwork inside
or out.

But the other day, an idea occurred to me of how to use what I have learned
and make a book unlike the others I have crafted. The form was suggested by
the contents I had planned, which includes original text and art.

I believe it is this step that brings one away from the craftsman and
approaches that part that is artist. The craftsman, however expertly and
lovingly, produces something that has been bascially produced before, but
may with his choice of materials or slight alterations slide over close to
the realm of artist. The artist creates that which is wholly new and
original, though may lean on the skill and expertise of his crafting skills
to produce his work.

Mostly I am student. Sometimes, I am craftsman, and sometimes I approach the
realm of artist. It is a very fine line.


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