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Re: Venice / Florence

Now I know why people should keep journals !!!  My memory loss is
terrible, however:

Many years ago, in Venice there was a beautiful little paper shop
called Legatoria Piazzesi (sp?).  It had beautiful old woodblocks of
various interwoven designs for end papers and cover papers.  They also
marbled papers and had alot of papers that were mass manufactured and
readily available in many places in Europe.  But the most special
papers were from their old woodblocks.  The shop was near Campo St.
Stefano (statue in the middle with a man sitting on books), which is
across the bridge from the Academia (must see) and on the way to San
Marco (also Harry's Bar is on the way from Campo St. Stefano to San

I believe the Officina Bodoni - press of Giovanni Marderstieg - who
revitalized the Bodoni typeface - is outside Verona.

There is a life's worth of things to see in Italy.  Florence is OK but
there are other places (perhaps more special) such as La Certosa near
Pavia that are absolutely stunning.

I'll look through my books tonight for more ideas (and just get jealous
.. )

Best regards

Alison Hardage

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