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Re: Venice / Florence

In a message dated 98-03-12 13:54:26 EST, you write:

<< I believe the Officina Bodoni - press of Giovanni Marderstieg - who
 revitalized the Bodoni typeface - is outside Verona. >>

Mardersteig also designed a *great* typeface, Dante, which is still available
in monotype (& digitally as well). There was an associated commercial
operation, Stamperia Valdonega, which at some point was taken over & run by
his son, Martino. Is this still operational? Stamperia Valdonega was the
printer for an elegant series of poetry books published by the Elizabeth Press
in NJ mostly  in the 70's, including titles by Larry Eigner, Cid Corman,
William Bronk, Ted Enslin & John Taggart.

Charles Smith

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