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citrasolv re transfers

I just saw the post about children, transfers, and the use of citrasolv.
 I hadn't beem reading any of the
transfer posts carefully, but saw this one and wanted to say that this
solvent is not harmless--whether it is sold in your local natural food store or
not. Please, read the product data sheets on the material. You could check this
list's archives for past postings on this solvent; I know there were some.
(I am not saying the solvent is dangerous, each of us needs to be informed and
decide about safe use. I am concerned that because this producted is made out of
biodegradable products it is considered, and touted as, eco-friendly. That does
not address the safety issue, however. As I recall it is similar to mineral
spirits--comparing material data sheets.) Please don't assume it is safe for
school room use.

Tracy Honn

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