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Stolen Music Manuscripts in the Canary Islands Send

VERY IMPORTANT. Please forward this to anyone who is a
musicologist,  curator, etc.

------------- Original Text From "Alvaro Torrente"

Dear list members,

It has recently been discovered that more than 400 music manuscripts
have been stolen from the archive in Las Palmas Cathedral, (The Canary
Islands, Spain). They include most of the works by resident
17th-century composers (generally unique originals) as well as a
number of pieces by composers from the Iberian Peninsula. The police
and local authorities have been notified, and there is a fear that the
robbers might try to sell the manuscripts in the international
antiquarian market. Although measures will be taken to notify the
relevant authorities, the president of the Fundacion Universitaria de
Las Palmas, Dr. Lothar Siemens, has asked me to forward this
information to the music academic community, in the hope that
widespread knowledge of the event will prevent illegal trade. Some of
the composers (listed below) appear very rarely in archives other than
Las Palmas. Therefore, in the event that any of their manuscripts is
comes out in the market, it would be most likely that they are part of
the stolen archive.

Diego DURON (315 manuscripts 40 Latin works and 275 vernacular
Manuel de TAVARES (10 manuscripts)
Francisco REDONDO (2 manuscripts)
Miguel de YOLDI (16 manuscripts)
Juan de FIGUEREDO BORGES (12 manuscripts)
Other missing manuscripts include works by Alonso Lobo, Francisco
Guerrero, Carlos Patino, and Sebastian Duron, among others.

If you get to know about any manuscript from these composers to be
offered for sale, please get in contact with Dr. Lothar Siemens at the
following address

Fundacion Universitaria de Las Palmas c/ Juan de Quesada,
30 E-35001-Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Tel. (+34 28) 45 80 20 Fax. (+34 28) 45 80 09
E-mail gustavo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I will forward more information when it will became available. In due
course, a complete inventory of the manuscripts will be available at
the following URL http//www.sun.rhbnc.ac.uk/Music/ILM/laspalmas.html
Many thanks for your attention. Please feel free to forward this
information to other lists. Lets hope at least that this will be the
last time this happens. With best wishes,

Alvaro Torrente Research Fellow
| Tel.    (44) (0)1784 443947 (office)
Music Department        |          (44) (0)1784 741056 (home)
Royal Holloway          | Fax     (44) (0)1784 439441
University of London    | Email   a.torrente@xxxxxxxxxxx
Egham, Surrey           |          vhwm002@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(this account)

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