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well why not join in.  2 weeks ago our local weekly ran a full page article
on my bindery and the "repair" work we do here. In this piece I used the
word "craft" to describe what I do. Last week a local book collector took
great offence to many of the things reported because he obviously missed the
whole point - but - he did write in his rebuttal,

"I was interested in the article about book binder Brian Roberts and his
wonderful craft (that gaffe aside)."

So I guess from this that some people do not hold this to be a craft. He
goes on to decribe the work as "skilled handwork".

Good luck in defining this! I just enjoy working on the books.
"Whether you want old books made new or new books just made, call us - The
Book Doctor"

Best wishes to all and to all a good night.

Dr. Brian A. Roberts
Memorial University of Newfoundland

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