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Re: Date of exhibit

Lavinia asked about the opening of our Art of the Book '98 exhibition and
for the benefit of others who may have been confused I'm posting to the

Originally scheduled to open in March at the Ontario Crafts Council, the
date and location have been changed to June 11 at the Toronto Reference
Library (on Yonge Street just north of Bloor). The exhibition will run
until July 25.

[begin personal comment] The current government in Ontario are responsible
for these changes as they not only sold the building out from under the
OCC, giving OCC and CBBAG just six weeks to find new digs, but they also
forced amalgamation on the city of Toronto and its surrounding
municipalities which caused bureaucratic nightmares delaying any decision
making at municipal institutions such as the former Metro Reference
Library. [end personal comment]

So, Lavinia (and others), come on up to Toronto in June: the weather should
be beautiful and the exhibition should be too.


Richard Miller <rmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild website:

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