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Re: Craftsman & Artists

On Thu, 12 Mar 1998, Art Rubino wrote:

> Lots of artists out there whose work looks completely mindless.
Then they're not artists, are they?  Any idiot can throw a can of paint at
a wall and call it art.  TTYL!

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Paul Anderson - Self-employed Megalomaniac
"With all due respect, you, sir, have the intellect of a pickle."
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Hello Paul

Well.............that is what I thought as well until, as a young man,
I saw the work of Jackson Pollock at the MOMA in New York, and
realized that here was raw emotion of great power in the form of art.
No thinking involved.  Now it is 40 years later, and I think that if
it is man made and beautiful, it is art  for somebody.
No elaborate definition required.

No reason to diminish the craftsmen or try to box them into a corner of the
art world.
Any fine artist who is not a charlatan must also master his craft.
Just as an example, I have many of the rare books that I sell
restored or rebound in England by fine craft binders who work under
contract for me. It is almost impossible to find such trained
craftsman in the USA.  These people have started out
as apprentices and learned their craft by doing it
under supervision. The books that they bind are
often works of art.  It takes them many years with
little pay to become expert. There is a lot to it. It is
not just an intellectual exercise. No book of
instruction can teach you one tenth of what they know
from the experience of binding 1,000 different
fine books under the guidance of a master who
has bound 10,000 fine books.  I can see the
difference between an amateur's proud attempt
and a fine craft binding in one second flat. When I
hear stuff on this  list  about so called artists who
think that a book is a stack of paper written in wet
paint and stuck together between covers of dried excrement,
well sorry, but  there is a tradition and a body
of knowledge about the fine art of the bookbinder
here that goes back many centuries that is being deliberately
denied by people who have not paid their dues in training,
do not have a clue about the skills required to bind a fine book and
don't even have 'the intellect of a pickle'..
I use my delete key a lot.

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