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Citrus-based solvents Was: Re: transfers

>On Thu, 12 Mar 1998, Barbara Valenta wrote:
>> Linda: In regard to citrasolve transfer and school children-using it on
>> fabric-I haven't tried it yet although I work a lot with kids.
>Are we thinking of the same citrusolve here?  The cleaner?  The deadly
>cleaner that, when used without dilution, can take paint off walls?

...And finishes off of furniture!!

Please be careful with this citrus-based stuff .. it's is extremely
caustic.  I've had one brand of orange cleaner .. "Big Orange" ..
blister my skin!

Even dilluted, I'd be *very* cautious using it with little kids.  I don't
even want to *think* about what would happen if one of them were to drink
it!  (It does smell good).

Being citrus-based seems so organic and harmless, compared to carbon-based
solvents .. t'aint so!  PLEASE be careful with these products!

Ron Yost, Paso Robles, Calif.

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