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Re: Craftsman Defined

>> Lots of artists out there whose work looks completely mindless.
>Then they're not artists, are they?  Any idiot can throw a can of paint at
>a wall and call it art.  TTYL!

True, and it's pretty difficult then to tell just what it is that makes it
art for the one or two people who do it in some extraordinary way. Recently
at an exhibition at San Francisco MOMA, I was astounded, not having been to
that museum in more than twenty years (and never to the current building),
to see how fresh and marvelous certain paintings by Clifford Still, Mark
Rothko, Willem de Kooning, and a few others still look. No 'idiots' there.

And please, criticize artists if you like with intelligent and constructive
criticism, but don't call them idiots.


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