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Re: artist's book

>At 11:33 PM 3/8/98 -0700,KSenia Kopystynsk wrote:
>>There are some problems I have on theoretical as well as practical
>>level with the concept of an artist's book...When only expression is the
most important factor, why to bother with all the binding stuff? We can use
the services of commercial binderies if we need to bind some pages and
leave the work of art to the artist. By the way, who has the rightto say "I
am the artist so I say it is THE ART"?
>I think a lot of the griping I'm reading about artist's books and book
artists has more to do with the quality of the art the writers are talking
about than with the definition of artist's book. It's as though one were to
say that there can't be such a thing as a painting or painters because
there are such things as awful paintings. But then, of course, would you
say that art is not art unless it's GOOD art (and, by whose definition?)?
And, is a book not a book unless it's a GOOD book?
>Someone also seemed to have a problem with artist's books that are fragile
and need to be handled with care. But artist's books are ARTWORKS. Artworks
may or may not be fragile - they are not better or worse for that quality.
They are not the same as, say, your favourite poetry in paperback, which
you've read over and over until it's dogeared and worn, but which, if you
spill coffee all over the pages, or your toddler tears them up, you can
easily replace by dialing up Amazon.com!
Shireen Holman, Printmaker and Book Artist
email: tholman@xxxxxxxxx

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