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Subject: Re: Craftsman Defined
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A Craftsman is somebody who followed some sort of apprenticship,
journeyman degree and may have even finished his masterdegree.
At this various levels he should have the common knowledge which could
be expected.
In Europe to reach a masterdegree in one of 218 restricted Trades
requires an average of 8 years in formal Training. restricted Trade
means, that you had to have a mastersdegree before beeing allowed
to open your own shop.!!(This laws are still valid.)

After achiving your mastersdegree in a Trade, you would be able to
redefine your knowledge, skills and experience by working without a
fixed schedule of things to learn, therefore following your own path and
trying to reach a higher level of craftsmanship.
At that level according to Handwerksrecht (Law of the Trade) one could
call himselv an Artisan, after in general being recognized by the peers
in your own Trade.

In the french and english (UK)language it become common to call a c.a.p.
(certification apellation profesionel ) ((Journeyman) an artisan, as the
Diplome de la Maitrise wasn't reuired for ones own shop.

The Artist - the Painter, sculptor etc. on the other hand is a totally
different matter and shouldn't be neasured on the rules of the guild
and  Trade for craftsman in general.

charles mohr

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