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Re: Craftsman Defined

John G. Henry wrote:

> "A labourer works with hands alone.
>   A craftsperson works with hands and heart.
>   An artist works with hands, heart and head."
> I think there are many craftspeople who produce fine work that gives them
> great pleasure and they put all of themselves into the task. Add a touch of
> inventiveness and creativity to those same labors and the work becomes a
> piece of art and the maker, an artist.
> John G. Henry - Craftsman

I never thought of bookbinding as an art until I read the above.
However, I belong to an antique radio organization and I have been
binding their monthly newsletters into volumes. In lieu of gold stamping
the title on the cover, I have placed an Icon on the cover.  To do this,
after making the book, I do the following while making the case.  First
I make a suitable drawing of the Icon (table radio, tubes, schematics,
etc.) and cut out a stencil like image.  Next I cover the front case
board with a contrasting color from the case buckram color.  Then using
the stencil, I cut the design into the case buckram in the area of the
front board.  The boards are then glued to the buckram and the case
finished as usual. Now the front board cloth color shows thru the case
buckram stencil area and makes the desired image.

I don't know if this makes my bookbinding an art or a craft but its an
idea that I haven't seen in any of the bookbinding manuals I own.

This is my first posting to the list.  My wife and I have been
bookbinding for about 15 years now and is something we can share now
that the children are grown.

Jim Trent

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