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Re: Craftsman Defined

Joyce Jenkins wrote:
> James I didn't quite follow what you meant.  Is this like reverse
> applque--that is the ground fabric shows through a design cut in the top
> fabric?

Yes, that is another way of describing the process.

>Do you have trouble with loose threads or edges curling or glue
> seeping out?

Loose threads -  Not really, I use new x-acto or razor blades for
cutting the stencil and I use library grade buckgram for the case.
Edges curling or glue seeping out  -  Not really, I make sure the
padding compound is spread out to the edges.  Then after about 15
minutes after pressing, I release the press and use my fingers to remove
any glue showing and then reinstall the case into the press.  The only
problem I had was using a cheaper "ground" fabric on the board which was
stained by the glue.  After that I used nothing but the good buckram for
the ground fabric.

>  Does the double weight of book cloth cause the board to warp?

So far it hasn't.  My process is to glue and press the ground cloth on
the board ahead of time and allow it to dry thoroughly before gluing it
on to the case or top fabric.

> I have put a pattern on bookcloth with a simple block print sewing oil
> based ink.  It came out very nice though it was a bit scary since I did
> it after the book was constructed to make it easier to get in the right
> place.

Any new technique we do is usually scary. However the old adage used by
woodworkers comes in handy - "Measure Twice, Cut Once".

> Welcome to the list.  It's nice to have new voices.

Thank you.

> Joyce Jenkins
> Petersburg Public Library
> Alaska

Jim Trent

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