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Re: Craftsman Defined

But what about the intent of WHY that bucket of paint was thrown against
the wall.   Is it the colour contrast, the shape, drips, form and markings
of the splattering. Is it to be called a "marker", a moment of time,
conceptual art, automatic art, or abstract?

I have seen an exhibit that was about an artist who weighed the amount of
charcoal layered onto a sheet of paper until solid. Each piece was titled
by the weight of charcoal.  Would you call this person an idiot?

Please note - art does NOT have to be aesthetically pleasing in order to be
art.  Art is also the ARTISTS intention.  Whether we think it is good or
bad that is our opinion and of course we all have our own tastes.  I have
seen very few Conceptual Art pieces that I would say is aesthetically
pleasing - does that mean it is bad art?

Colette Vosberg

Paul Anderson wrote:

> Did I call anyone an idiot?  I don't think so.  I was just saying that it
> doesn't take a genius to heave a bucket of paint on the wall and call it
> art, that is a fact.  I doubt there's a single person without significant
> disabilities that couldn't find a large wall, take the lid off a bucket
> paint, and throw the bucket at the wall.  It's a fairly simple act,
> requiring almost no skill.  An artist, to be an artist, must put thought
> and effort into the peice, and be at the very least trying to make
> something aesthetically pleasing.  Throwing a bucket of paint at a wall
> merely requires the forethought to ask someone if you can use the wall.
> Therefore, it is not art.  TTYL!
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