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Re: Craftsman Defined & Artists Books

In a message dated 98-03-14 02:53:02 EST, you write:

<< Yeah, but are you an artist if it's paint-by-numbers?  Is a two-year-old
 finger-painting to be called art?  The criterion for an artist is that he
 must "work with his heart, head and hands", this implies the requirement
 of a certain level of skill.  Picasso, Leonardo DaVinci, etc. at least
 they had SKILL.  They could paint an excellent portrait of someone if they
 chose to.  Likewise, great poets, musicians, sculptors - they all had
 skill.  They where GOOD at what they did.  To merely paint does not
 elevate one to be an artist, no more than using a computer instantly makes
 you a programmer.  TTYL!

AND, if you can bind a book excellently, using archival materials, but choose
to make one from barbed wire and old tires?  Do you still get flamed on the

Melissa Jay Craig,

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