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Board Cutter Help?

Hello all,
I admit that I am a novice book binder, I have been studying for three =
years and still have much to learn.   Being a part of this list is =
wonderful.  Can anyone help me with some much needed information?

I would like to know what brand of board cutter I should be thinking of =
investing in?  I started cutting my boards by hand, and moved to a table =
top cutter....not a stack cut, but a Martin Yale 15" wood base cutter.  =
I am very frustrated as I can not get a square cut.  Can anyone =
recommend a suitable cutter for boards, and perhaps a source for new or =
used?  After some research on my own, it looks like the "Ideal" table =
top cutter model number 1038 is the way to go.  It has a hefty price tag =
though.  Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated via email =
or list.

Most Sincerely,
Melissa Hatalsky
Sweet Impressions
Paper and Book Art Studio
Sharon Springs, NY

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